Volunteer neighborhood representatives represent homeowners at OCA meetings. A committee of neighborhood representatives represents each single-family neighborhood. Single-family neighborhood representative committees consist of three residents, except Inverness, which consists of five. One person, generally an officer of the sub-associations board of directors, represents townhouse neighborhoods. Each of the Townhouse neighborhoods is a sub-association that is managed separately from our OCA master association. An apartment manager represents apartment residents.

Neighborhood representatives are the voting members for each neighborhood, for the election of directors, and for other issues for which voting is required. They are provided with information on Board activities and other details regarding their subdivision. Representatives act as a link between residents of their neighborhood and the Board.

Single-Family Neighborhoods

Bernie Biernacki*
Doug Lucas

Charlotte Dockstader*
Mark Davis

Autumn Meadows
James Valastro*
> Open position

Tom Reinacher
> Open position

Carriage Estates
Barb Garitty*
> Open position

Bill Poppe*
Paul Santucci

Linda Grula
Mike Marion
Sai Archana Kuchimanchi

Helena Brunelle*
> Open position

Debbie Beaty*

Debbie Basak

Bill Bernard

The Woods
Duane Pifko*
> Open position

Wild Meadows
Steve Bosco*
> Open position

Multi-Family Neighborhoods

Autumn Lakes Condominium Assn.
Connie Gallagher*

Country Homes of Oakhurst Association
> Open position

Heather Glen Association
Jason McLindsay*

The Townes of Oakhurst Homeowners Association
Rebecca Scott*

The Townes of Oakhurst Condominium Association
Karen Troller*

Hawthorn Apartments
Bob Gleason, Manager*

Abington Woods
> Open position* Denotes Voting Member

* Denotes Voting Member