OCA includes committees that perform essential functions in support of the operation of the subdivision and implementation of the Declarations of Covenants, Conditions, and  Restrictions (CC&R).

These committees are: Architectural Review, Recreation, Internet, Traffic, and Landscape.

  • The Architectural Review Committee processes all modification requests. This includes advising a resident of specific regulations, and reviewing/approving a submitted form.
  • The Recreation Committee is responsible for conducting periodic park inspections and submitting periodic reports to the Board of Directors on the various issues, concerns, facility upkeep and maintenance needed in the Oakhurst Community Park.  Also, to provide these same reports to our Property Manager to help facilitate any actions needed to properly maintain the park and its facilities.  Additionally; the committee is also responsible for assisting the Property Manager in coordinating and scheduling recreational activities – such as soccer, tennis, and t-ball at Oakhurst Community Park, as needed.
  • The Internet Committee works with the Board on matters relating to this Association website. Among its duties are recommendations on developing the site for optimal resident communications, and marketing.
  • The Traffic Committee will seek input from residents regarding traffic concerns within and around the Oakhurst neighborhood.
  • The Landscape Committee monitors the need to make landscaping changes to both maintain and enhance the Oakhurst community. The committee gives recommendations and submits proposals to the board for approval. The committee is also the liaison to the landscape contractor and provides an assessment of the quality of the landscaping services.

Committee membership is encouraged for all residents. Getting involved is one way to ensure the subdivision is operated and maintained well. If you are interested in joining a committee, please send us an e-mail.