Modifications Forms

If you are considering adding or modifying any of these on your property — fence, deck, gazebo, screened porch, room addition, patio, house color, trellis, privacy wall, in-ground portable basketball sleeve, sun room — one of the following forms must be submitted prior to any work started. However, submitting a form does not give you authority to proceed with work! You must allow up to 30 days after receipt of all required documents for approval (remember, we’re volunteers). There are now “Pre-approved” modifications for such things as landscaping, playsets, swing sets, trampolines, retaining walls, and others and they can be found in the Architectural Guidelines page of this website.

General Modification Form

Exterior Color/Siding Modification Form

Fence Modification Form

Deck Modification Form

Patio Modification Form

Landscape Modification Form


Oakhurst Community Center

Oakhurst Community Center Request Form

This form must be submitted (two weeks in advance of your event) to use the Oakhurst pavilion or common property near the club house for a personal event/party. A $50 refundable deposit for restroom cleaning is required.
NOTE: This form is for use of the Oakhurst pavilion or common property near the club house ONLY. This does not include use of The Oaks Recreational Club (ORC) which is a private club that maintains ownership of the clubhouse and pool facilities located at Oakhurst Community Park.  To rent or reserve fields see Oakhurst Community Fields Form below under Other Forms.

Other Forms For Oakhurst Homeowners

Notification of Sale Form

Witness Violation Complaint Form

Request to Use Oakhurst Community Fields Form