Rules and Regulations

All buyers of homes within Oakhurst are bound by the governing documents of the Association that include the Declarations of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R), By-Laws, Rules & Regulations and Architectural Guidelines. When you purchased your home, copies of these documents should have been provided to you by the previous owner. For your convenience, you may read and/or download these documents from this web site.

In order for the various committees to perform their respective functions, standards have been established. These standards provide the committee members guidance in implementing the requirements of the CC&R and to ensure all residents are treated fairly. Since Oakhurst is located within the city limits of Aurora, all city rules and regulations apply to the residents of Oakhurst. These rules and regulations can be found by calling the City of Aurora at 892-8811 or by visiting the City of Aurora’s Code of Ordinances.